Razor Coil Barriers

This is a sturdy defense against even the most determined of all intruders. It comes in two designs namely Concertina and Flat Wrap and, in three sizes of 450mm (500mm for flat Wrap), 730mm (700mm for Flat wrap) and 980mm (900mm for Flat Wrap) diameter. In addition there is the electro coil, which has a single strand of electrified wire passing through it.

The wire is powered by an electric fence Energizer that triggers an alarm if the coil is cut or tampered with.


Barbed wire and Chain Link fencing are also our specialty.

These are ideal for homes where an electric fence is not desirable, e.g. where there is an existing hedge that would have to be removed to make way for an electric fence.

Our Work

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POWERFENCE SECURITY SYSTEMS LIMITED commenced business in the year 2005. It was established to fill a gap in the market for installation of high quality security products. The drive is to strive for exceptional quality at competitive prices. Since inception, POWERFENCE has successfully fitted numerous security systems for many highly satisfied customers. In addition to installations, we are also offer maintenance contracts and carry out repairs or major rehabilitations to existing installations