Electric Fences

Do you feel unsafe in your own home or in your own property?
After having been out, are you and your family scared to return home?
Do you feel free to enjoy the outside facilities of your home with family and friends?
Kindly remember that you cannot activate your house alarm whilst you are moving around in your home.
Our electric fences can be customized and manufactured to suit your requirements.

The functions of an electric fence are:

  • The structure must be stable to keep intruders out.
  • The voltage must be as high as possible.
  • The alarm must go off if someone tampers with the system.
  • The system has its own alarm. It can also be linked to an armed response.

 Electric fences are most commonly used as:

  • A perimeter protection around security installations.
  • Around residential and commercial properties including factories.
  • For Game Reserves, Ranches, farms and Estates.

We offer both wall top and free standing electric fence solutions

Advantages of an Electric Fence

  • The Visual appearance. When you install a good electric fence, the visual appearance will be definite deterrent.
  • The Shock Capacity. When correctly designed, wired up, and the right energizer used, the shock experienced will be of sufficient magnitude to deter an intruder from entering the premises.
  • The alarm triggered. Again if the fence is wired correctly, preferably in series, the fence will go to alarm mode when the wire(s) is cut or shorted. The alarm alerts you before the intruder has entered your property, thus time is on your side to call for help or take other action.

Our Work

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