Electric Automatic Gates

Can be sliding or swing gates with special attention being given to the sliding action and security features that ensure that the gate cannot be lifted or forced open easily. The top section of the gate is electrified and this section moves with the gate if it opens and closes.

The gate itself is not electrified and can be manually handled. The gate motors have a battery backup system allowing usage in the event of a power failure for up to three days. These motors can be housed in theft resistant cages.

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POWERFENCE SECURITY SYSTEMS LIMITED commenced business in the year 2005. It was established to fill a gap in the market for installation of high quality security products. The drive is to strive for exceptional quality at competitive prices. Since inception, POWERFENCE has successfully fitted numerous security systems for many highly satisfied customers. In addition to installations, we are also offer maintenance contracts and carry out repairs or major rehabilitations to existing installations