Burglar and Panic Alarm Sytems

A burglar's best ammunition is surprise. So protect your property and family by installing a burglar alarm system.

This consists of vibration censors on windows and magnetic contacts on all exit/entrance doors to detect unauthorized opening. In addition, for large room, a PIR (passive infra red) motion censor can be fitted.

The system is activated/deactivated via a control panel that indicates which zone (area) an intrusion is taking place.

The alarm could be silent or audible with a flasher depending on preferences. It comes complete with remote panic switches and a stand by battery to operate the systems in times of power failure. We now stock wireless alarm systems, so no untidy cables running round your house, office or factory. Alternatively, you could install a simple panic alarm system that you can activate to alert your neighbors and nearby security agents when in distress. This consists of panic switches fitted at various strategic points that you depress to activate the system. It also comes with remote switches that one can carry around the house or compound.

Very simple installation - no damages occur or changes are needed in your house in order to accommodate the system:

  • Highly secure, wireless communication
  • A vast array of peripheral devices covering burglary, fire, flood etc
  • Notification to 5 different users in case of alarm or power failure, via landline or GSM(phone call+SMS),
  • Instant notification and reporting to 2 Central Monitoring Stations
  • Connection to a computer via proprietary Java software
  • X10 support for up to 16 devices, for full home automation capabilities

Our Work

We are a professional, experienced and objective security company

POWERFENCE SECURITY SYSTEMS LIMITED commenced business in the year 2005. It was established to fill a gap in the market for installation of high quality security products. The drive is to strive for exceptional quality at competitive prices. Since inception, POWERFENCE has successfully fitted numerous security systems for many highly satisfied customers. In addition to installations, we are also offer maintenance contracts and carry out repairs or major rehabilitations to existing installations